Why do I get a virus alert during installation.

You may receive a virus alert during installation.

This is purely an overreaction of the virus scanning software. Nothing to worry about.

Our products do not contain viruses. Turn off the virus scanner during installation or allow copying of files.

Cracked version dangers

The pirated version contains real viruses, it works incorrectly.
Fake sounds are played or graphical animations are not displayed, it contains additional bugs.

We regret to see the spread of pirated versions. There is not much we can do about it.

Do not use pirated versions.
Those who use the original version will receive support.


Work in Reaper

Plugins do not appear in the DAW.

Different software has different ways to make the plugin work in the DAW.
Our plugins are 64 bit based on windows. Therefore, they are implemented on up-to-date systems. We cannot guarantee functionality on older systems, so please download the trial version before purchasing. The demo version is the full version. If there are no functionality problems, you can purchase a registration code for the plugin immediately.

In the latest version of REAPER, our plugins work immediately.
If you still run into problems, follow the short description below.
In this case, we need to define within the DAW where to look for our plugins.
The way to do this is as follows.
;C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

Where do we set this up? Watch this video where we show you the setup and you can see how the plugins work.

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